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Analysis of the La Gloria Cubana Inmensos - La Casa Del Habano
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Here they are! The pics of the La Gloria Cubana Inmensos - the cigar chosen and ordered from FinestCubanCigars.com and analyzed in our video, "Fake or Fine: Episode 2." If you haven't caught that yet, click the link and check it out! Otherwise stay right here for a review of one amazing cigar.

The Gloria Cubana Inmensos is another special release within the La Gloria Cubana (AKA LGC) brand.  Over the past few years, we aficionados may have noticed something rather upsetting.  The staple cigars, or standard release cigars within the LGC brand have been discontinued, one after another after another... The Medaille D'Or line is completely halted and just this year, I was informed by an impeccable source, that the beloved "Tainos" Vitola would no longer be in production!  What the HELL am I listening to?

It is sad to watch a brand so deep rooted in the history of Cuban Cigar Manufacturing and so rich in culture, and most importantly, that AMAZING HAFTAHAVAHAVANA Flavor, just disappear as so called aficionados keep drooling over Cohibas.  I have nothing against Cohibas.  They are fantastic.  It's just that they aren't the ONLY Cuban Cigar Brand in the world, if you know what I mean.

"The La Gloria Cubana brand was created in 1885 by the Sociedad Cabañas y Castro, then bought twenty years later in 1905 by José F. Rocha, who manufactured the brand from his factory at 364 Miguel Street in Havana. After Rocha's death in 1954, the Cifuentes family bought both La Gloria Cubana and Bolivar from Rocha's former company. Production was moved to the Partagás Factory, where it's still produced today, and became very popular as an export brand. (This little blurb seems to be repeated on countless web sites, so I do not know who to credit due to the fact that I do not know who it was stolen from first.  At least I have the decency to say they aren't my words).

What most people don't mention is that La Gloria Cubana is what is known as a "Local Brand," as opposed to a "Global Brand," or a "Multi-Local Brand," which means it is mainly produced for local sale in Cuba, not for sale on an International scale.  One could infer from this that the tobacco used to make these LGC's is among the finest of the fine.  After all, you don't make a cigar that visitors in Cuba will buy out of junk tobacco.  No, you make it so that the smoking experience is among the greatest one could have! Like many high quality Cuban cigars, the tobacco used in the La Gloria Cubana blend is 100% Veulta Abajo Region tobacco.  Here is where they grow the best of the best - the stuff legendary cigars are made of.

Even before the halt on the production of La Gloria Cubana Cigars, these smokes were more rare than the "Niche Brands," such as Cuaba and San Cristobal which are produced on a relatively small scale. Most people don't realize that even the famous Cohiba is only around 65 years old!  At 120+ years, La Gloria has literally been around for twice as long.  Most novice's don't even know that LGC is indeed a Cuban brand! This is good - more for the true connoisseurs! (no offense if you're just finding out now - there has to be a first time at some point! :) )

All this talk of disappearing LGC's has me down for sure - but luckily, and seemingly out of the blue, around 2008 / 2009, several new "special vitolas" have been introduced to the La Gloria Cubana Brand! The U.K Regional Edition "Gloriosos," the Swiss Regional Edition, "Triumphos," and our current cigar in the limelight, the La Casa Del Habano Limited Release, "Inmensos!"

Back to the Inmensos - weighing in at 6 1/2" with a RG of 54mm, this cigar is the largest ever to be included in the La Gloria Cubana Line-up. None of the LGC original releases (Medaille D'Ors, Sabrosos, Cedros - even the quite large Tainos) come close.  In fact, no other LGC even hits a 50 RG, except for the two other regional releases from the U.K. and Switzerland mentioned before. So here we have a large cigar, the largest in the LGC line-up, which means that it is absolutely PACKED with unbelievably aromatic 100% Vuelta Abajo Goodness!

These bad boys - or BBCC's as I call 'em, come 10 to a varnished box and wear two bands, the LCDH band, and a newer version of the LGC band created specifically for special releases in 2009. One dead giveaway when looking for these is that they have, "Habana-Cuba," written on them instead of just, "Habana," like the older bands - which are still used for regular LGC releases.

That said, let's get to the cigar!

La Gloria Cubana Inmensos
Factory Vitola:
Box Date:


At first glance, a large, well constructed
cigar.  Picking one up however reveals that the
cigar is surprisingly light for its size and is slightly
under filled.  However, the burn usually remains
dead on but for the occasional beginnings of
canoeing which tends to fix itself quickly if left

The aroma of the cigar is of cedar, spices and
undertones of the traditional pungent earthiness
found only in Cuban tobaccos.  The Inmensos
is a perfect cigar for connoisseurs of fine, mild
and aromatic cigars who also prefer a larger ring gauge... kind of an oddball combination if you ask me, but I really did want to know what would happen if I packed enough tobacco for 3 Meddaile D'Or No. 2's into one cigar!  The results are very interesting.  Flavor is heavier on the pallet, but strength remains unaffected.  In fact, I actually find the inmensos to be slightly milder than the Meddaile D'Or series cigars.

Overall, the Inmensos is a welcome addition to the La Gloria Cubana Line of cigars, inviting those who prefer larger ring gauges to try the fantastic La Gloria blend.  The Inmensos would make a perfect morning cigar for everyday smokers of big ring gauges, but for someone like me who rarely smokes cigars with a gauge above 50, I find this cigar to be ideal for sitting outside at night on a clear summer night and gazing at the stars.

Brand Notes:

  • As far as the very limited regional editions are concerned, La Gloria Cubana holds the crown for having the only ever, "Regional Edition CUBA," limited release! You read it right... A Cuban cigar made to be sold in Cuba ONLY! Of course, temptation alone helps many of these find their way to non-Cuban retailers, lucky enough for us.  The release was in the form of an absolutely Gorgeous ceramic humidor jar, packed with 25 of these amazing cigars! Hard to get? Very. Expensive? VERY. Will you review it? Of course! What a silly question! You're talking to me, remember? If you don't, I'll say it again. "I am a self-proclaims La Gloria Cubana ADDICT. I love and cherish ALL things La Gloria, In Excelsior Deo, AMEN." We will indeed be reviewing ALL the fore mentioned at one point or another on The DrJoeShow.com.
  • At a girth of 53mm, the Inmensos is the largest La Gloria Cigar ever created - a contradiction to its gentle mildness throughout.
  • While the boxes are not numbered like many of the Regional Releases, the Inmensos is limited to 5,000 boxes of 10. cigars each.  As far as I can tell, all of these boxes are stamped POL 2010.

Tasting Notes:

  • Pre-Draw:

  • The Light:

  • Smoke:

  • Final Thoughts: I

I hope you have enjoyed this review at the DrJoeShow.com!  Many more are on the way, so do keep visiting! Without our fellow smokers out there, this site means nothing, so keep coming back! ~Joe

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